Musafirlust is a travel & food company which aims to bring the joys of a wandering soul and natural food of the mountains to everyone.

 We are supporting our farmers in the far flung areas of mountains by bringing their produce directly from their farms to your tables with our FARM TO TABLE initiative. We support and run eco friendly and cultural travel with our tours of Himalayan villages, their festivals, their way of life and most importantly their Amazing food.We aim to bring a wholesome experience of food and travel for all.



Himalayas have always been home to amazing herbs and plants. Various fruits and Nuts grown in these mountains have the taste and unadulterated quality we crave in our daily life in the cities while consuming polished and processed foods. 
Hence we started Tandrusti to bring fresh and pure products from the mountain farmers directly to you homes with our Tandrusti initiative.


From the Hidden Jewel of Jibhi to the hippi town of kasol to Royal Rajasthan to the Breezy Goa we have a lot more to offer.

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 Its Been a blessing in disguise for those who love nature but are bound by their work to stay in concrete jungles.t has given a boost to this New concept of Workation/Work from mountians. And we are on top of it.

Kedarkantha trek

One of the best treks in India Kedarkantha is the brand Ambassador of Winter Treks

​The trek is recommended for all adventure souls who like snow and high mountains, irrespective of the prior experience Beginners are more than welcome

Kedarkantha Trek

Har ki dun trek

Tucked away in the bosom of Gharwal Himalayas, Har ki dun trek is one of the most sought after trek these days.

Known as the hanging valley with an exotic beauty this trek takes you through some of the most beautiful scenes.

​Har ki dun trek

Himalayan festival

This one of its kind 5 days visit to a himalayan village called 'Kotgaon' in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.


Experience the unique Pahadi festivals, that run from 9th January to 14th January.


At this time mostly it snows in heavily and locals cannot do anything but celebrate the fresh snow for their apple orchards.

​Offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand



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We are a company that values relationships with its customers, we believe that we are in the business of experience, we don't sell treks, we don't sell products but try our best to offer a memorable experience. 

We are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who believe in making the travel and food business a professional advent.

  —Paras Saraswat


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